Remington debuts 14-inch bbl 870, no tax stamp needed (PHOTOS)

The Tac-14 firearm has 870 lineage but gives the end-user a 14-inch barrel without NFA hoops to jump through (Photo: Chris Eger/

Remington Arms is bringing its newest firearm — the pistol grip 870 Tac-14 — out to meet the public for the first time this week.

While visiting Remington’s Huntsville, Alabama factory on Wednesday, Senior Product Manager Daniel Cox gave a peek at the new gun, set to be unveiled at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta on Friday.

At 26.25 inches overall and with a Raptor Shockwave pistol grip, the 12-gauge’s 14-inch cylinder bore barrel is not a National Firearms Act regulated item as it is a “firearm” and not an SBS or AOW, thus no tax stamp is required under federal law, though state and local laws may apply.

The 12-gauge accepts both 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells

The Tac 14 is based on the standard 870 design and incorporates a Magpul M-LOK fore-end rather than the traditional corn-cob pump. Weight goes a tad over five pounds while magazine capacity is five shells (4+1).

Cox says the Tac-14 is very manageable in testing and will be reviewing one soon.

The Tac-14 has an MSRP of $443 and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

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