New Sniper rifle from Concern Kalashnikov: Deadly VSV-338

Concern Kalashnikov debuted its new VSV-338 high-precision sniper rifle this week during Russia’s Army 2016 International Military and Technical Forum, the company announced.The modular long-range sniper rifle is all-weather and is accurate to a range of about 4,900 feet, the Concern said in a statement.

The units are assembled on an aluminum alloy base plate, enabling the shooter to change the barrel quickly.It is equipped with a side-folding buttstock with an adjustable pull and cheek riser, as well as height-adjustable rear support.

Also this week, Kalashnikov introduced a prototype of its SVK semi-automatic sniper rifle.

That compact weapon is designed in two modifications: one uses the standard Russian 7.62x54R cartridges, while the other uses the world’s most common cartridges, the NATO standard 7.62×51. It is currently undergoing manufacturer trials.

SVK designers received feedback on the prototype from active-duty snipers. Concern Kalashnikov is the country’s largest manufacturer of a range of precision weapons.


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