GO-Magnets provide more ways to store guns in the home or on the go

GO-Magnets benefit from the ability to mount in the home, office or vehicles for quick access. (Photo: GO-Magnets)

GO-Magnets were released two years ago and the company behind the storage solution hasn’t stopped innovating.

Veteran owned and operated out of Texas, GO-Magnets was founded after its creator, a U.S. Army vet, wanted a creative solution to ditch the peg boards and pockets inside his gun vault. He handcrafted GO-Magnets, gun magnets that are virtually unmatched in strength offering users the ability to customize their organization.

A single GO-Magnet can firmly hold objects weighing up to 15-pounds yet can be removed from a steel surface with just two fingers. The design balances on-the-go protection with fast access to the handgun. Each GO-Magnet comes with a steel mounting plate that can be used in vehicles, in the office or at home by the bedside. The plates are made to install on either wood or plastic surfaces. The GO-Magnet itself is coated in a soft rubber-like substance to prevent damage to firearms.

What started with one single, black magnet has evolved into package options and even engraved mounting plates that add a little flare to firearm storage.

Starting at $13.99, an array of GO-Magnet products are available online through the company’s website.
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