Beretta A400 XCel Sporting Black Edition

Do you love Beretta shotguns (come on…who doesn’t?), but wouldn’t be caught dead busting bouncing rabbits or soaring battues with a cerulean blue competition gun? Beretta has felt your pain. Which is why they’re out with the more traditional A400 Sporting Black Edition.

Besides the color makeover, Beretta’s enlarged the bolt handle and bolt release for quicker, more sure-handed action. The A400 Black Edition also sports a wide carbon fiber rib on its 30-inch barrel that trims a full four ounces from the gun’s overall weight.

Combining the A400’s smooth-cycling gas system with an improved butt pad means all-day shootability.

We don’t have a price on the Black Edition yet. The original blue thing retails in the $1600-$1700 range. Expect all this awesomeness to push two grand.

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