1851 Navy, Steel .36, 7-1/2″ Octagonal Barrel

The 1851 Navy, produced from 1851 to 1872, was the most famous of the cap-and-ball era for good reason. The 6-shot offers perfect balance, precise aim, and dependability. Taylor’s & Co. offers a wide selection of calibers, barrel lengths, and frame styles of this gun, which has come to symbolize the days of the stagecoach, Pony Express, and the Civil War.

1851 Navy, Steel .36, 7-1/2" Octagonal Barrel
SKU 250A
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $328.00
Barrel Length 7-1/2 Inch Octagonal
Caliber .36
Capacity 6
Weight 2.60 lbs
Finish Steel Case Hardened frame, brass backstrap and trigger guard
Grip/Stock Walnut
Manufacturer Uberti
Sights Brass Post Front Sight
Overall Length 13 Inches
Version Standard Edition

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